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April 17, 2003

Okay, it's been a while... Things have been quite busy in the world of Mel since returning from Finland. I'm definitely quite happy to be back in the land of sun sand and surf after two cold months in the land of Santa Claus! I'd like to thank my friend Jake Lindstrom for his hospitality and friendship during my Finnish stay!

What's up with music? I have rejoined my friends from Raven Mad in their tribute to Megadeth, Hangar 18. While Raven Mad has not reformed, I still hold to the idea that one of these days, we're going to throw in a Raven Mad song for kicks. It's wonderful to be back among friends.

And to answer the question that's on everyone's lips, no I have not rejoined The Iron Maidens since my return. I had left the band to go to Finland, and they filled the position after my departure. I still regard the band as dear freinds, and you never know when they'll need a fill-in. :) You'll definitely catch me at their shows singing along and supporting the merry maids of iron.

I am on the quest for an original metal band. I'm looking for a working, serious, dedicated original classic/traditional, power, or thrashy metal band for world domination, preferably in the Los Angeles area. Know of anything? E-mail me at mel at raven-mad dot com.

What else is up? I'm back working at Pomona College, providing tech support to the esteemed faculty, including some of my former professors and advisors. It is soooooo good to be back at the alma mater!

November 11, 2002

Wow, Melz Homepage has an all-new look! I'm still redesigning the old content and creating new content, so please pardon my dust and keep checking back!

Operation:SelfQuest continues... I'm still in Finland and starting to understand what the word "cold" actually means. Today I noticed that there was no "high noon". The sun rose in midmorning and made it halfway up the sky before settling back down into the horizon; it's a strange feeling, to realize where exactly on the globe lie your feet! I am anticipating returning to the US on November 19th.



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