If you haven't gathered by looking at this website, I am a rabid music fan. And so, it's no surprise that I also play music. I've always wanted to play bass guitar, ever since I was a wee girl clutching my issues of TigerBeat and Bop magazines and dreaming of that dreamy dreamboat John Taylor of Duran Duran. Before John Taylor, I really didn't know what a bass was. Being the obsessed teeny bopper, I would listen to his parts over and over.


My bass gods are mostly men of metal, Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, Bob Daisley, Steve DiGiorgio, Markus Gropkopf of Helloween, Jason Ward of Flotsam &Jetsam, etc., plus Geddy Lee and, of course, John Taylor.


My current arsenal of basses includes a USA Standard BC Rich Beast, a USA-made BC Rich Mockingbird, a Fender Steve Harris Signature Precision Bass, and a Yamaha 5-string. Amplification is currently handled by a an SWR SM-900 head and SWR cabinets. I've been known to occasionally use distortion.

Current Projects

I am currently playing with Hangar 18: A Tribute to Megadeth , a kick-ass speed metal tribute with my old friends from Raven Mad. Check us out at a venue near you!

I am also currently seeking an original classic/traditional, power, or thrash/speed metal band. Know of one, preferably in the Los Angeles area? Please contact me at mel at raven-mad dot com.

Former Projects

Crescent Shield

Neil Turbin's Deathriders


The Iron Maidens: The World's Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden

New Eden

Wrathchild: A Unique Tribute to Iron Maiden

Raven Mad


Negative Reinforcement

Rock Project 96-98


coming soon!



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