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Grab out the crimper and the hairspray! It's 1990 again! In honor of my 10 year high school reunion, I present my senior pictures taken for my high school yearbook in late 1989/early 1990 -- I can't remember exactly when. These photographs were taken at BillBell Photography Studios in Albuquerque, NM.

This is a young 17-year-old me with my kitten Todd. Todd was at that perfect age where he was absolutely adorable, and I totally adored him. Todd was my buddy; he and I would cruise around in my Camaro together, he on the large flat dashboard swatting at the wiper blades while I drove. Or we'd share food, one bite for me, one for him. Of course I couldn't leave him out of my senior pictures! When I went to college I had to leave Todd behind in the good and loving hands of my mother. Poor Todd, who is no spring chicken these days, has recently fallen ill. :( I am hoping for the best for my dear old orange friend.

I loved that hat, which I dubbed my "Zorro Hat". Unfortunately it got smashed and destroyed between moving back andforth from dorm to home to dorm to home. The polka dotted shirt and black skirt, however, are still in my possession, and I still wear them on occasion.

Another picture of me and Todd. Isn't he cute? He was, of course, not too happy about participating in this photo shoot. He got away while trying to photograph these pillow shots. A small cat in a big photo studio who doesn't want to be found is, indeed, hard to find.

This picture is similar to the one that actually made the yearbook, except that I was smiling in the published shot. Here I look pretty glum.

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