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I attended three proms in my high school career: 1988, 1989, and 1990. Prom 1988 was probably the best of the 3 because first off, a couple of sophomores weren't supposed to be there in the first place, and secondly, we were tanked up enough such that even crappy prom music was fun. My date was my boyfriend at the time, Khrys Roybal, who went to Valley High School, and this was Valley's prom. I had the advantage of no one knowing who I was; it's amazing the amount of confidence that brings (especially combined with a few Little Kings). Also, Khrys was just a wild guy, and he brought out the hidden wildgirl in me. We had a great time!

Not having too much money at the time, I really couldn't afford a dress, so Khrys's sister found someone to lend me this one. I had such a hard time keeping this sleeveless dress up, especially once we hit the dance floor! My mother bought me the beautiful shawl, flowery hairpiece, and gloves. Gawd, I look so young here at 15!

There were two proms and a sorority dance happening at the Albuquerque Convention Center that night, and Khrys and I hit them all! We found it convenient that one prom offered complimentary punch, the other complimentary cake! We were unceremoniously booted from the sorority dance. Imagine that.

In this picture, Khrys pins on the corsage!

Khrys fell in love with the tuxedo jacket with tails that he had to try it on with a pair of jeans! He liked the look so much that he soon after bought a tailed tuxedo jacket of his own, which he adornedwith studs and paint. I do confess, it looked killer.

Before prom, we dined at The Quarters, a BBQ restaurant, with another couple. Interestingly enough, the other couple was Chris and Chris. I was the only person at the table whose name was not "Chris"!!

We took a series of shots behind Khrys's double-bass drumset. Yeah, not very prom-like, but how awesome to pose beneath this large Iron Maiden poster! The tapestry you see on the left side of the picture was painted by Khrys himself, who was quite talented with the paints. In the center of the tapestry read "BLASPHEMOUS ANGELS", the name of the band Khrys vowed that he'd form one day. I wonder if Blasphemous Angels ever came to be, and if he's still pounding away on the drums?

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