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Now wait a minute, you say, Prom 2001???!! Aren't you a little too old to be going to prom? Isn't it illegal to be dating someone under the age of 18? What kind of cradle robber are you anyway???!

Fear not, skeptical ones, for my journey back to prom on April 28, 2001 was most innocent. My friend Kenny is a math teacher at A.B. Miller High School in Fontana, and he wanted to attend the prom as a chaperone. Mel = instant prom date, and the rest is history. Personally, prom is a lot more fun 10 years later. There's zero stress, no fragile egos, and it is quite entertaining to watch the stressed out teenagers with their fragile egos.

The theme was "An Everlasting Night". Here's our official prom picture. Don't we look cute??? We arrived early and were the first ones to get our picture taken. For being guina pigs, the photo came out okay.

We snapped pictures in the entryway. Because we were the first ones there, there was no one around to snap our picture together.

The complex, the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, was pretty elaborate setup. There was a main room with a stage and a large dance area, a balcony complete with Vegas-styled games, an outside patio area with Chinese and Mexican cuisine and a separate DJ playing Spanish-language dance music, carraige rides, and much to our delight, a BAR!!

Here's Kenny, a good chaperone and role model for youth, enjoying a black & tan at the bar. Of course, no kidlets were permitted to go into the bar area.

Of course, there was a little work involved. Here I am, with Kenny's friend Martin Gomez, working the registration desk.

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