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The adventures had already begun before my date Jerry and I set foot in the reunion dinner and dance. By the time we left our limo, we had nearly been in a fight, had cruised through downtown (and I two strawberry margaritas), and had a hassle with the limo company. But we had finally arrived at our destination. I was disappointed on how poorly attended the dinner was. There had been a lot more people at the meet n greet at the club Metropolis the night before. Regardless, I was convinced that I could make a good night of this.

I had a lot of good conversations with the classmates that did show up to the dinner and dance. Here are the bulk of them: (top, l to r) Bridget Stapleton, Anna Garcia, Shirley Wilcox (Freeman) and her husband Alan Freeman; (bottom, l to r) Samantha Martinez, Luanne Alatorre, Michael Hanneman, Mary Joe Metheny (Bichel) and her husband Matt, Leslie Trickey and her husband?

Jerry knew some of my classmates as well. Here, Jerry socializes with a gentleman whose name I can't remember, Sam and Bridget. The cowboy hat behind them is Bridget's husband. And behind them all, the DJ plays songs to an empty dance floor.

Michael Hannemann was one of my high school posse. It was pretty much me, him, and Jeff Peralta on the school yard. We were sometimes joined by others, but for the most part, we were a rather formidible threesome. I was disappointed that Jeff didn't make it out to the reunion, but I was quite happy to see Hannemann. Michael is one of the few people I've kept in touch with after high school. He and I have gotten together in Chicago, where he lives, on the couple occasions that I've been out there.

Here's Michael and Mary Jo. Mary Jo actually did a lot of the footwork in putting the reunon event together, and she and I had the opportunity to talk to each other a lot more than we had in high school. Thanks for the great reunion, Mary Jo!

After the reunion, Jerry and I went down stairs, where a wedding was happening. Jerry knew some of the people involved in the wedding, so we "crashed" it, along with Carmelina Hart. After some dancing, the clock struck midnight, and Jerry and I rushed to catch our limo.

The day after the dinner and dance was the final event of the reunion, a picnic at the YMCA. This event was probably the most sparely attended, but there was swimming and volleyball and more socializing. Here's the happy mother-to-be Anna Garcia with her brother, Richard Cisneros (spell your name right, dammnit!!!), and someone whose name I forgot. The weather was gorgeous for a while, until a hailstorm came crashing down from out of nowhere, ending the weekend.

Anna spoke of having a 15-year reunion that will hopefully better attended than the 10-year. I certainly wouldn't mind coming back, seeing the people I want to see and hoping that everyone else gets over their cliques and becomes more open. If this event happens, I'll be there!

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