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While nothing could qutie compare to the birthday party my sister Francesca threw for me in 1998, it was quite fortunate that Ozzfest fell on my birthday in 1999, so we rolled the two parties into one and had a great time! The party started at my house, which is on the way to Blockbuster Pavillion, where the Ozzfest show was held. We drank and I was dearly gifted. Most notable gifts included a "Kiss Bob" (Bob's Big Boy figure painted like Gene Simmons), a model hellcat, some great metal CD's, and a very old, very precious program from the Iron Maiden Number of the Beast tour in 1982 -- thanks for the luv and the gifts, guys! :) I really couldn't ask for better friends!

The rest of the party was held out in the parking lot of Blockbuster Pavillion...

The Moshking advertised the party to his mailing list, the Moshking's Southern California Metal update. So the listmembers would find him, he created this sign.

Armed with a huuuuuge ice cooler full of beer, we all had plenty to drink and lots of laughs.

...And soon, we were all pretty damn trashed. Here's our attempt at the drunken can-can. Truth be told, we actually had a better time at the parking lot than the show itself. We reluctantly scraped our drunken selves out of the parking lot and into the arena in time to catch Slayer, but Slayer's last album was so abysmal, and their set was so short, that it was quite disappointing.

Blockbuster Pavillion was packed and we instantly separated upon our entry into the stadium. Joe hung out by the beer booth and made new friends. Chris and I pressed outselves up against the lawn's barrier for the duration of the show, trying to catch a small glimpse of what was going on onstage. The Moshking wandered around lost, and for the life of him, cannot figure out how that Iron Maiden tapestry got in his pocket (shoplifter!!!). By the time Black Sabbath came on, we were all tired, weary, hung over, and ready to go home.

But it was a thoroughly great day! And it's a shame that the line-up of Ozzfest 2000 is so hideous that I am instead arranging an Anti-Ozzfest party to keep up the conviviality without having to support a tour that used to be a metalfest and is now a trendyfest.

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