Someone must have known where to find the local crazy cat lady, or perhaps overheard me having a conversation with my friend. You see, I was talking to my friend Dave about cats, and I swore up and down that I would never take in another cat because my house was waaaaaayyyyy too small. But if I did get another cat, I added, it would be a female and her name would be Molly. After all, in the Beatles song for which Desmond was named, he lived happy ever after in the marketplace with Molly.

The very next morning, I kid you not, I was awakened to the sound of screams, feline screams, at 6am. Feles and Desmond sprang up from their slumber, taut and tense, and ran to the window. I seriously thought a cat had made its way to my yard having been struck by a car or something. The cat sounded like it was dying!! Throwing on my robe, I rushed out for a rescue mission of mercy. I found no dying cat, only a paper bag, neatly folded and lying on its side. Upon further inspection, I discovered that the paper bag was the source of the howls and inside the bag was a six-week old kitten! Black and white, long haired, with big blue eyes (which are now gold). Someone had left her for me.

I found out later that my neighbor had gone for a morning jog and found the paper bag with the kitten down the street. Because her husband was deathly allergic to cats, she set the paper bag with the kitten outside, close to my house so her kids wouldn't hear the kitten meow and try to keep her. Her intention was that she'd present the kitten to me later on in the day and we'd find a home for it. Little did the neighbor suspect that I would find her package prematurely, and that Molly would be come a permanent resident!!

About Molly

Like any kitten, Molly is a bundle of teeth and nails, flying around the house chewing on everything and anything that moves. Yes, that includes her Uncle Feles and Uncle Desmond! Feles is still a bit blase when it comes to Molly, but Desmond loves to chase Molly around the house and wrestling her to the ground (Desmond, of course, wins, being significantly larger), and will follow it up by giving Molly a good bath.

Positively the most affectionate feline in my brood, Molly loves to purr and to snuggy. She gives a content little meow every time you rub her from ears to tail, and is always the first one up in the morning, purr box on, awaiting a bit of luv. She still nurses on my hair.

Molly is the first female cat I've had in a while, and recently had her poor little uterus ripped out. She kept the cone on for a whole three hours before losing it in that great vacuum where things my cats don't want me to find mysteriously disappear.

Name: Molly
Breed: generic tuxedo cat
Age: in months
Weight: minute at this juncture
Sex: wonders why she lives with a couple of eunuchs
Marital Status: Single
Number of Lives Remaining: 9
Favorite Rivals: Molly luvvvs everyone
Catfood of Choice: whatever, the feline vacuum cleaner will eat anything
Favorite Place: in Melz hair, on Melz head, on Melz butt
Known Aliases: Mah-leeeeee, Miss Molly, Maul-y

Favorite Activities:

  • chewing and batting at EVERYTHING
  • snugging with Desmond
  • Licking Desmond's head
  • chewing and batting at EVERYTHING
  • licking Feles's head
  • eating
  • sleeping
  • chasing strings
  • hiding cat toys
  • chewing Melz hair
  • purring

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