This page is dedicated to the feline friends of Feles, cats past and present, and cats of friends.

Todd, 1989-2001

If all you needed in life was a good cat, Todd was definitely that cat, loving til the end of his life. Gone but never replaced.

A young Feles spars with Todd on a rare visit to Albuquerque, circa 1992/3

Abby wasn't always the ball of love you see here. In fact, she was quite independant and always in charge, whether snugging or playing. She was Feles's best friend from 1992-1994. Abby now resides in Cinncinnati, OH with her owner Audrey.

This pair of gray kitters are Bradley and Hugo, who own and operate my sister and fellow Crazy Cat Lady, Francesca. In fact, Hugo (top) was my birthday gift to her a few years ago, and was good friends with Feles for a while. These two currently reside Las Vegas, NV

More to come!

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