Quite honestly, even though I can't resist a kitten, I was not in the market for another cat (my casita is waaaayyyy too small), when a friend of mine e-mailed me and asked if I'd be willing to save a small black kitten from the pound. You see, a mutual friend had found this kitten wandering about alone, fell in love, and took him in. This same mutual friend later realized that his roommate, who owned the condo that they shared, didn't want the cat in his house. The cat had to go, or both of them had to go. Rather than losing the roof over his head, this mutual friend hunted around for a sucker to adopt the kitten. That sucker is the woman you see pictured here!

Most of the time I turn to instant mush when I see kittens, but Desmond had such a hideous meow, and quite frankly, aside from being a tiny cat, he wasn't very cute. So, it took a little while before he grew on me. Now he's an indespensible part of my household. Feles and I would be devastated if anything ever happened to my little luvslut.

He still doesn't have a very cute meow, though.

About Desmond

Friends and family thought that "Desmond" was a funny name for a cat. Everyone assumed that I'd give him a name in Latin or dead Greek, as Feles bears such a name. It's a little known fact that Desmond's middle name is actually Ailouros, which is a word for "cat" in Greek.

Actually, the name Desmond just seemed to fit him. It comes from the Beatles song "Ob-la-di Ob-la-da" Now I need to get another cat and call her Molly... I'd better not say that; I'm well on my way to becoming a Crazy Cat Lady.

For every bit as mellow and passive as Feles is, Desmond is a psycho-kitten in full force, at his prime. when he's awake, he's really awake, tearing across my tiny casita, back and forth, back and forth, leaving a trail of black fur on my white carpet. Else he's playing with his fish endlessly -- it's a stuffed catnip fish on a spring that is really only tatters now.

But when Desmond sleeps, he's the luvviest thing on the planet. His favorite sleeping place is at my side, just under my arm, where he can rest his snoozing head on my shoulder. Or he'll go luvvie up on Feles, who may or may not let him snug and lick the top of his head.

Name: Desmond Ailouros
Breed: generic black cat
Age: 2
Weight: keeps chomping the Cat Chow at the rate he does and he'll be rivalling Feles's 12 pounds
Sex: Never had it, never will
Marital Status: Single
Number of Lives Remaining: 8
Favorite Rivals: Feles, but only in sport
Catfood of Choice: whatever, the feline vacuum cleaner will eat anything
Favorite Place: At Melz side, at Feles's side, licking Molly's head
Known Aliases: Dez-mund, Dezzy, Demon-d
Favorite Activities:

  • swatting at everything that moves (regardless of where the item is placed or how important it is) and chasingit around until he loses it
  • eating
  • chewing on Feles's head
  • eating
  • licking Feles's head
  • eating
  • sleeping
  • eating
  • chewing on Melz action figures
  • eating
  • snugging with Mel
  • eating
  • chewing on Molly
  • eating
  • and of course, eating

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