A friend of mine bought me a book for Christmas entitled Women Who Love Cats Too Much, and on the very first page of the book was: "You know you love your cat too much when... your cat is on the Internet!" But I am not the only sucker for a furry face! In fact, here are a list of links which slavish pet owners have set up as digital temples of adoration to their furry feline deities. Please note that this page hasn't been updated in a looooonnnngggg time, so please send me your catlinks!!

Kitten Kuriosity

This page is dedicated to Josie, and what an altar of love it is. If I could get past the playing of the "Bewitched" theme (makes it hard to check it out when everyone thinks I'm working), I'd tell ya a little more about the page, but for now, check it out yourself (slow connections not advised, since this page is super-java decked out).

Vanilla's Page

What could be the absolute worst thing to happen to your furry best friend? This page describes the agony of a loving pet owner who helped her beloved furry darling face her last moments cradled in her arms. Warning: do not read this page if you do not intend to spend the rest of the day depressed (although it will make you go home and hug your own kitten just a little tighter tonight). *sniff sniff*

Slinky the Sable Burmese Cat

    Those eyes! Oh, those eyes will get you every time! Kyooottt!

A Tribute to Kitty, a Friend for 20 Years

    Slinky the Sable Burmese Cat's predecessor, Kitty lived a full life of luv for 20 years. Here's a tribute to a great cat!

If you are a sucker for a furry face, or know someone who is, and felt the desire to clog the already crowded Internet bandwidth with whiskers, tails, and pad paws, send me your cat's URL at melsisneros@earthlink.net.

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