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The following are logos and emblems which I created.

Pomona College Information Technology Services

The following are logos and emblems which I designed to be used by Pomona ITS.

This logo was created in Illustrator from a variety of clip art to promote the migration from ITS's old VMS system to a more robust Exchange system. It was used on webpages, posters, and ads printed in the school's newspaper.


I did some freelance work for a Japanese<->English subtitle company called Metaphoria. The logo was based on a Japanese knot and created using a pressure-sensitive tablet in Illustrator. The company's name proved tricky, and we tried a variety of fonts and positions for the text; while not chosen as the final logo, this one was my favorite:

Raven Mad

The entire graphic look and feel of Raven Mad was based off the original sketch that I did for the cover of Raven Mad's debut demo, Corvus Insanus. For the logo, I wanted something round and cartoon-y. The emblem idea came from a bird skull necklace and a skull and crossbones pirate flag.




New Eden

The concept of the bird-snake thing eating its tail was already present in artwork purchased for New Eden's third CD Stagnant Progression. I simplified and stylized that concept to create this emblem.

The Iron Maidens

The artwork for The Iron Maidens is based on the artwork of Iron Maiden, often feminized.

This image was retraced in Illustrator from a popular Iron Maiden icon, then I added bow, lashes, mole, and white border.


This image uses clip art and was recolored and given text for The Iron Maidens' online store

The international counterpart



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